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Are your windows troubling you?

4th January 2017 DJT News  0

Are your windows troubling you?

Have you been looking at your windows over the Christmas period and noticed that something isn’t right? Perhaps there is a little more condensation on the window pane than usual. Or have you felt the room temperature is colder than normal… or worse still you’ve noticed a cold draft or even a leak coming in? Well with Christmas out of the way, now is a good time to consider fixing those troublesome window issues with a visit from DJT Locksmiths.

uPVC replacement and repair is a speciality of ours and our motto is “why buy new windows and doors when you can have yours repaired or restored for a fraction of the cost!

Did you know that we can also carry out uPVC repair on doors and hinges too? Our replacement security handles make it much harder for any intruder to break in because we provide the ultimate door and window lock security.

It is a well-known fact that if your home or business property is not protected or has no security that it is at least five times more likely to be broken into. A good way to make sure your home or business is protected is to make sure you have secure window and door locks in place.

We offer a free site security survey, so if you aren’t sure just how safe your property is we can advise you on what is safe and what needs to be changed to make it safe. As part of our extensive survey we check over the entire property, any outbuildings you may have along with garages, your front and back door and of course your windows.

Remember ….. “DJT Locksmiths are a Locksmith You Can Trust”

For more details on our uPVC window replacement and repair service please call 07710 685425 for a no obligation quote. Or visit our website www.djtlocksmiths.co.uk for more information.

DJT Locksmiths are a professional locksmiths covering the County Durham and North East area. We have been providing locksmith and uPVC repair services throughout the area for many years. We are fully insured and full certified. Our emergency callout hours are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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