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Choose the Revolutionary Ultion Lock

5th November 2017 DJT News  0

Every 40 seconds a burglary is committed in the UK… With rates so high, making sure you have the right security in place is important. In this blog we will be discussing how your home or business can benefit from the Ultion Lock.

The Ultion Lock has revolutionised the way door locks work with its innovative technology. Its aim is to prevent any intruders getting through your door by cracking the lock. The moment the Ultion detects forced entry it activates a ‘Lock Down Mode’. This prevents the intruder from destroying the lock any further, meaning your home and family are kept safe.

Normal locks usually have up to 6 pins to stop an intruder gaining entry, the Ultion has 11… making sure your home has maximum security.

So why should you choose the Ultion Lock for your door?

Apart from its snap secure locking mechanism, Ultion has been rigorously tested by potential intruder methods and has passed with flying colours. It is also approved by the Police as a flagship initiative.

Here at DJT Locksmiths we are proud to be suppliers and installers of the Ultion Lock and have had many years’ experience working with this style of lock. As well as offering a Locksmith service we also have a free Security Survey in which we will visit your premises and see which added security would be beneficial to you.

For full details on the Ultion Lock or any of our services please call 07710 685425 for a no-obligation quote. Or visit our website for further information on all our services: www.djtlocksmiths.co.uk

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