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How Your Home Could Benefit from Extra Security

27th August 2017 DJT News  0

Did you know that 25% of British people admit to having no security whatsoever! Although that’s only a small amount of people, basic security might not be enough in the grand scheme of home safety.

Even if you have door locks in place, did you know they might not be providing you with maximum security? Here at DJT we supply and install the revolutionary Ultion Lock. This lock is state of the art and even the most determined intruder cannot force entry. Plus, its specialised lockdown system means your home and family are safe.

40% of burglaries are carried out when the house is empty, meaning the intruder can gain access to all your belongings without risk of getting caught. We offer a range of high security safes which can be fitted in discreet places, keeping your precious belongings secure.

If you are a Landlord, keeping your tenant’s safe is a number one priority. To add extra security to your apartments and to make your occupants feel safer we can install door chains and viewers.

At DJT Locksmiths, we provide a Free Security Survey at your home to check the security of your property and if any additional security measures would be beneficial.

To request your FREE Security Survey, please call DJT on 07710 685425 or visit our website to find out more about our services:  www.djtlocksmiths.co.uk

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