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Keeping Your Home Secure with Our New Line of Safes

13th December 2017 DJT News  0

We are delighted to announce that we are now distributors of the leading brand Securikey providing our customers with the highest quality products to maximise their security. We supply and install the full range of Securikey security systems. Take a look at the residential and commercial security products we have available.

Cash Safes

This style of safe is more popular within homes as it is a smaller model and requires a combination to unlock. This range is available with a motorised electronic lock with a keypad and integrated light for use in the dark. Each model in this style comes with a thick outer shell to avoid any entry with force. Plus, they are available in a range of sizes from mini vaults to two compartment safes.

If you are looking for extra security, these vaults come in a selection of underground options which are designed to be fitted underneath a concrete floor.

Fire Safes

If a fire was to occur in your home or business its crucial important documents are kept safe which is where these fire proof safes and cabinets are perfect. As well as being fire secure, they are also burglary resistant and are suitable for both home or work.

For your home try the Master Lock digital fire safe, it’s of a standard size and offers 60 minutes of protection from fires up to 927®C. For your business take a look at the fire-resistant cabinets such as the Key Lock which prevents any draws opening in the event of a fire, keeping all customer files safe.

Cabinets & Boxes

These secure storage units are perfect for medical use as they are specifically designed to keep drugs controlled. They have a strong body and are opened using a key.

They also include a range of secure post boxes which are sleek, waterproof and high security. They prevent any thefts letters and parcels and come in 2 sizes.

If you are interested in any of the extensive range of safes mentioned, don’t hesitate to contact DJT Locksmiths on 07710 685425 or visit our website for more information on all the services we offer: www.djtlocksmiths.co.uk.

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