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Making Your New Home Safe & Secure

1st October 2017 DJT News  0

Have you just moved into a new house? Did you know that on average there are 5 sets of keys to your new home in circulation. Whether they are still held by the past occupants or even estate agents, it’s most likely that more people than just you have access to your home.
One of the main ways to make sure your house is secure is to get the locks changed. Both front and back doors should be changed meaning you have peace of mind that only you have access to your home. It is also wise to check if any windows have locks on them which can be changed. Here at DJT we offer a full locksmith service and can not only replace the lock but suggest the perfect one for your needs too.
The second way you can make your new house safe is to invest in extra security accessories. We can install door chains and viewers to your home, this service is also perfect for Landlords as it provides extra security and peace of mind for tenants.
Once settled into your home, it’s crucial to make sure your important belongings are in a secure place. Which is why we supply and install high quality safes. We can fit these in a discreet place out of sight.
If you have moved house and are looking for help with security options you can contact us for a Free Security Survey. We will visit your home and assess which security would benefit you and your family the most. To ask about this, please contact 07710 685425 or visit our website for more information about any of our services: www.djtlocksmiths.co.uk

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