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uPVC Repair Specialists

Why Buy New When You Can Repair

Misted Window Repair
Broken Hinges and Handles
Conservatory Leaking
uPVC Door Repairs
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We Provide A Professional uPVC Replacement and Repair Service

Misted Windows – Broken Hinges or Handles – Leaking Conservatory

Why Buy New Windows & Doors When You Can Have Yours Repaired Or Restored For A Fraction Of The Cost.

If you are seeing condensation on your windows or even water drops it will mean you have misted or leaking windows. We can restore the window or replace the full glazing unit quickly leaving you with no hassle!

We can fix windows and door on your home, business or conservatory.

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uPVC Repair

We can also provide uPVC repair on doors and hinges.

If you feel your doors have dropped and are no longer locking correctly, or you are unable to open a window due to a broken hinge, we can repair or replace it for you.

Our replacement security handles make it much harder for any intruder to break in, providing ultimate door and window lock security.

Free Security Survey!

We provide a free security survey at your home or place of work to check the security of your property and if any additional security measures would be beneficial. 

We can quote for most jobs over the phone, however we can arrange a visit to your property and carry out a full security survey FREE of charge.

What do we check?

  • Properties – Flats, bungalows, terrace houses. semi- detached, detached.
  • Business premises.
  • Garages
  • Outbuildings
  • Exterior Properties
  • Front Door/Back Door
  • Windows

We would then make minimum recommendations to comply with your home or business insurance policy and also additional requirements to improve the security of your home or business

Other DJT Locksmith Services

We also specialise in Locksmith Services, Additional Home and Commercial Security and Boarding Up Services.

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Locksmith Services

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Additional Security

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Boarding Up Services